Hot Stones Massage

Back and neck________________ 30min R370

Back and neck________________ 45min R420
Full body______________________ 60min R480


​Back Scrub
​15 min - R170

A deep cleansing treatment for both men and woman.


Indian Head Massage
​30 min - R330

Eastern pressure points are applied specifically to shoulders, neck, scalp and face.


Luxurious Candle Massage
​60 min - R650

Enjoy a nourishing full body massage using the molten wax of an aromatic Soy candle.


Swedish Massage
Add R40 for Aromatherapy Massage​ 

Back and neck________________ 30min R345
Back and neck________________ 45min R390
Full body______________________ 60min R450

Full body______________________ 90min R650

Foot and leg___________________30min R335


Deep Tissue Massage
60 min - R550

The same techniques are used as in a Swedish Massage, although deeper pressure is applied to soften muscle tissue. Deep tissue massage promotes suppleness, oxygen supply and removal of waste within the muscular tissue. Recipients may experience slight stiffness after such an intense massage.


Full Body Scrub
35 min - R335

Luxurious apricot kernel body scrub that
removes dry skin cells while moisturizing the skin. 

​Luxury Body Treatment
90 min - R800

Indulge in a Nourishing Power Recovery body treatment. It includes:
Dry Exfoliate

Body Wrap

Light Massage